Best Dream I had, walked with Jesus and Angel.


21 years ago, I had a wonderful dream with Jesus. I walked with Jesus and talk to him a lot, I was so much happy with Him, but in my dream, I was a little child and walked with Him, I remember the place looked like on a mountain road, not a lot of people stay in that place just a few houses and lots of trees, quiet and fresh wind blowing, later on, I saw a small store selling banana cue, I stop there and buy two stick and given to Him one stick. It is very nice talking to Him I feel that so much happy, later on, I walked up and, said oh, my goodness is 9 Am in the morning and because of that dream, I thought God want me to go to church, That was Sunday morning I dream.

I go to church that day but, I always wonder why I don’t remember anything that we are talking about. What I remember is the laugh I had when I’m with Him. I thought maybe God Just want to remind me. that I need to go to church, I speak to my sister and friends about that dream I had, I want to know what is that means. no one gives me the answer. but whatever it is, I was just so much happy to dream with Jesus with me. for me, That is a special dream I had.

After that dream a couple of months ago passed by. I had another dream. is an amazing dream but, is a weird dream, I saw my place where I stand is burning, and I can feel the warmth on my skin, then I saw 2 or 3 angels, coming down from heaven asked them. what happened why the place is burning, and the angels answers me. That because the end of this world, and I said to them, What! I am not ready yet, they can’t be, How I can stop this fire. the two-angel answer, call Saint Peter how you can do that.

I said to the angel, how I can call saint Peter I don’t have a Number on Him. and the angel gives me the number, I dial the number that the angel gave to me but, no one answer is always ringing. then I got up, I still remember the number, that angel gives, I wrote that in my book and I don’t forget it. I always dial that number but there is no one answer. I talked to my friends and sister again about this dream and they are afraid, I told them to try to dial the number but still the same no one answer the phone just ringing all time. they are more afraid so we decide to stop and don’t bother anymore until I lose the book and I forgot the number.


I think God wants me to remind something but, until now I don’t know what is the angel means and end of this world dream, what I think is, after separating from my live-in partner, I Had a hard time, how to take care of my kids, he never supported any cent, and I don’t know what kind of job I can work right away to feed my kids, it is hard for me but, God is always reminding me and save me, whatever I do wrong, His remind me and change me Who I am now.


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