Ps 16:5,8,9-10,11

You are my inheritance, O Lord!

Read: Jesus speaks about the end time preceded by some galactic signs. These portents show that the time is near for Jesus to come again in His glory. But with regard to the day and the hour, only the Father knows this.

REFLECT: As is clearly stated in the Gospel, no one knows the day and the hour when it will come. We can only know by signs that it is near. But even then, there is no cause to be afraid. It is because the end time is not only about punishment; it is also about the renewal of creation, The old order of sin will pass away. The new order of righteousness will sit in. What will perhaps sustain the most damage are the oppressive structures of sin and deaths. And so, those who believe in the Lord have no cause to worry.

Many believers are oppressed by the fear provoked by those who use the end time as a tool to coerce people to do what they want them to do. Am I helping ease their anxieties by pointing clearly to the words of Jesus that the date and time is the Father’s secret? That if even Jesus the only begotten Son is not privy to this, Others of lesser stature in front of God have no business knowing it at all.

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