Ps 96:1-2a,2b-3,7-8a,10

Proclaim God’s marvelous deeds to all the nations

The reality of evil has always confounded humanity. In biblical times any illness, disease or imperfection is attributed to the evil spirits. Their presence strikes, disease or imperfection is attribute to the evil spirit. Their presence strikes fear in people hearts. Yet, the evil spirit is known to disguise itself so as not to frighten or repel us. It hides itself in our needs and wants and in our flaws and shadows, presenting itself to us as something desirable or acceptable in our moments of weakness and confusion.

The teachers of the Law in their close- mindedness did not realize that they were the ones, and not Jesus, who were indeed influenced by the power of evil that clouded their judgment of Jesus. Jesus’ refutation of them speaks directly to us today; how can individuals and communities divided against themselves stand? Too often we tear one another down in order to build ourselves up, We give in to pressure to be number one, but sometimes disregarding others who stand on our path to the top. Jesus challenges us to recognize the power of the Holy Spirit that builds up individuals and communities, binding up their wounds that cause division. If we are divided, then we cannot grow together as part of God’s family.

Thank you Lord.

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